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Design/ Telelogical Argument- Revision

Definition Important information, incl in essay

A01 information

Theist someone who believes in God ­ as it argues for God's existence
`Telos' means end or goal.
Feature: universe cannot account for its own existence.
World designs show order, purpose and regularity= God exists.

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An argument supporting that God is the designer

Arguments against God being the designer
Aristotle Need to mention. Everyone uses this theory, not optional
He thought that everything has a purpose, revealed in its design.
There is an efficient or final cause.
Efficient cause- the agent that brings something about.…

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Theory of Evolution- Random mutation + pressures of natural selection= designer of all living
mechanisms a blind mechanism.
Things did not need a designer instead species had to compete to survive.
Alternative way to how such design can appear.
Goes against: Aquinas ­unintelligent things need something to help achieve their…

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Feature Strengths Weakness

Inductive New conclusions that premises take us too. ·Jump can be too big from premise with no
argument- skips proof to verify the arguments.
to the

A posteriori Personal observations of the world. ·Kant- our minds order, categorise what we
argument- Not dependent on beliefs and…

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Feature Strengths Weaknesses

Designer is like a Believable, convincing, see a parallel ·Hume- weak analogy. Only logical
watch maker between universe- order regularity, watch. conclusion is that there are many designers.
Designer could be a woman.
Reduces our knowledge and experience of
God into an understandable idea. ·Universe could be…


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