Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person

This Powerpoint covers:

  • Common law assault (assault and battery)
  • s.47 OAPA - actual bodily harm
  • s.20 OAPA - wounding & grievous bodily harm
  • s.18 OAPA - grievous bodily harm with intent

I haven't put in the case facts as I wanted to keep the Powerpoint simple. However, you will need to know the facts of each case for the exam.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)
Enjoy the Powerpoint!

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By Jessica Searle…read more

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s.39 Criminal Justice Act 1988
D will be charged under this act
Sentence = 6 months or fine
DPP v Little
When you charge
someone with an assault,
must specify whether it's
assault or battery…read more

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"Intentionally or recklessly causing V to
apprehend immediate and unlawful force or
violence"…read more

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Can be assault by silent Logdon v DPP
phone calls, letters etc.
V must apprehend force
- doesn't have to be put
into fear
Collins v Wilcock
Shows force or violence
(D scratched PO's arm)…read more

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`Immediate' force
Smith v Superintendent of
Woking Police Station
Doesn't have to be
immediate force as long as V
doesn't know what D's going
to do next Constanza
Schiemann LJ ­
apprehension of force
must be `at some time not
excluding the immediate
future'…read more

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If D negates the threat...
(threatens you but then says they're not going to do it)
Light (1857)
Turberville v Savage (1669)
V was put in fear and
V was in no threat, so D was didn't know what D
found not guilty would do next, so D
was found guilty…read more

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