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Non fatal: the crown prosecution
charging standards (CPS)…read more

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The CPS set out the matters to be considered in
deciding the level to be charged
Aggravating Factors include:
· Nature of assault- was there a weapon? Did D
kick v whilst they were on the ground?
· Vulnerability of the V- were they elderly, a
child, disabled?…read more

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Follow injuries are a s47:
· Breaking/loss of teeth
· Temporary loss of consciousness or sensory
· Extensive bruising
· Broken nose
· Minor fractures
· Minor cuts that need stitches
· Psychiatric injury (fear, panic)…read more

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· Permanent disability or loss of sensory function
· Visible disfigurement
· Compound fractures
· Substantial loss of blood (usual requires a
· Injury that causes lengthy treatment/incapacity
· Psychiatric injury…read more

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AO2 time
There are several reasons why there is a need for
· The law is out of date ­made in 1861
· Lack of modern and simple medical terms
· Inconsistency between offences- not helped with
the overlap of MR
· In 1993 the Law Commission proposed a new law
but this was rejected
· It was also thought to reconsider the whole
offence in 2012 but no action was taken…read more


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