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Newton's Laws…read more

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Newton's First law
·This law is often called "the
law of inertia".…read more

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What does this mean?
This means that there is a natural tendency of objects to
keep on doing what they're doing. All objects resist changes in
their state of motion. In the absence of an unbalanced force,
an object in motion will maintain this state of motion.…read more

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F measured in kilograms.
F the measure of the inertia of an
F Inertia is the natural tendency of a
body resist changes in motion.…read more

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F ...the agency of change.
F ...changes the velocity.
F a vector quantity.
F ...measured in Newton's.…read more

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Newton's First Law
F Law of Inertia
F "A body remains at
rest or moves in a
straight line at a
constant speed
unless acted upon by
a force."…read more

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