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AGGRESSION.…read more

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-Are chemicals that enable impulses within the
brain to be transmitted from one area of the
brain to another. Two of these transmitters
are serotonin and dopamine which are both
linked with aggressive behaviour.
Low serotonin= aggression
High dopamine= aggression.…read more

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Role of serotonin.
Serotonin is thought to reduce aggression by
inhibiting responses to emotional stimuli that
might otherwise lead to an aggressive response.
Low levels of serotonin cause impulse violence and
sometimes suicide.
Some drugs are thought to alter serotonin levels and
thus increase aggressive behaviour.
MANN ET AL.…read more

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Mann et al 1990.
Gave 35 healthy subjects a drug
(dexfenfluramine) which is known to deplete
serotonin. Using a questionnaire to asses
hostility and aggression levels they found that
this drug treatment in males was associated
with an increase in hostility and aggression
scores.…read more

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Evaluation of Mann et al.
Raleigh et al- support for the importance of serotonin in
aggressive behaviour using vervet monkeys. They
found monkeys with a diet high in a supplement that
increases serotonin levels exhibited decreased
aggression suggesting that differences in serotonin
levels alters aggressive behaviour.
-If low levels of serotonin are associated with aggressive
behaviour, drugs that clinically raise serotonin levels
should produce a concurrent loweing in aggresion.
Bond has established that this is what happens in
clinical studies of antidepressant drugs that elevate
serotonin. She established that such drugs do tend to
reduce irritability and impulse behaviour.…read more

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Gender Bias.
There may be gender bias in this research.
Although Mann et al's study found a link
between low levels of serotonin and
aggression, this was not evident in female
participants. This suggests that the role of
serotonin in aggression may be different for
females compared to males and therefore
there is gender bias in human studies in this
area.…read more

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