Nazi Germany - An Overview

Nazi Germany - An Overview

Simply an overview of Germany 

The sources of this document I can't remember as this was made over a year ago.

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Nazi Germany
Nazi Strengths:
- Hitler's Speaking Skills
- Propaganda Campaigns
- Violent Treatment Of opponents
- Criticism of Weimar Government
- Nazi Policy
- Support From Businesses
How Did Hitler Get Power?
Reichstag fire:
Hitler used the fire to his advantage in two ways:
- It gave him an opportunity to imprison many communist leaders, which stopped them campaigning during the
- It allowed the Nazis to say that the country was in danger from the communists during its election campaign
Enabling Act:
- Gave Hitler absolute power to make his laws.
Night of the Long Knives:
- This destroyed all opposition within the Nazi Party. It gave power to the brutal SS. It also showed the rest of the
world what a tyrant Hitler was.
Why Did People Like The Nazis?
Socialist - eg farmers should be given their land; pensions should improve; and public industries such as electricity and
water should be owned by the state.
Nationalist - all German-speaking people should be united in one country; the Treaty of Versailles should be abolished;
and there should be special laws for foreigners.
Racist - Jews should not be German citizens and immigration should be stopped.
Fascist - a strong central government and control of the newspapers.
The Nazis did not appeal to:
- working men who voted Communist
- intellectuals such as students and university professors
They were popular with:
- nationalists and racists
- farmers
- lower middle-class people such as plumbers and shopkeepers who were worried about the chaos Germany was
- rich people worried by the threat from Communism
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