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Researching Landscape
artists…read more

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Natural Landscape paintings…read more

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Artist: Albert Bierstadt
Title: Among the Sierra
Nevada Mountains
Materials used: Oil on canvas
Year created: 1868
I chose this example because I think it demonstrates well nature
by demonstrating several natural elements (animals, trees, the
river, mountains...). I think the contrasting light effects and the
reflections in the painting transmit a sense of calm and serenity.
This painting is made up mainly of cold colours except for the
browns and the light shades of yellow in the sky. It has contrasting
light effects of dark greys and bright yellows and whites in the
clouds. The shadows are very well done and the reflections on the
river "mirror" the landscape around it. In the background, the
mountains seem to vanish in the clouds. This technique is called
sfumato. This painting is clearly detailed.…read more

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In my drawing I'm including:
Sfumato in the background
A range of cold colours (different
shades of green, blue...)
Shadows according to the light source
Contrasts between dark Reflections in a river
and bright
In my final drawing I'm planning to do more of a natural landscape painting. I would
like to use oil paint such as Albert Bierstadt did, but as it takes a long time to dry, I'm
probably going to use acrylic. Still, I want to use Albert's techniques of sfumato and
contrast. In my drawing I will use mainly cold colours, contrasting with a few warm
colours.…read more

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Urban Landscape paintings…read more

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Artist: Guido Borelli
Title: Mimosa Sui Canali
Materials used: Oil on canvas
Year created: Unknown
I chose this example because I like the fact that it mixes both
urban (houses, boats) and nature (flowers on the windows). I also
like the choice of colours (mostly warm colours) of this drawing and
the contrast between the old houses and the modern boats.
This painting is made up mostly of warm colours with some
glimpses of greens and blues that contrast with the rest. There is
reflection in the river and also some shadows in the doors, windows,
near the flowers... We can see that the painter used different brushes
(with different sizes) as some parts are more detailed (such as
flowers) while others aren't so much. In order to paint the walls,
Guido Borelli used different shades of browns, oranges and yellows.…read more

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