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Notes on how to name an organic compund :) F322

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Number of Carbon Prefix
atoms in chain
1 Meth
2 Eth
3 Prop
4 But
5 Pent
6 Hex
7 Hept
8 Oct
9 Non
10 Dec
Naming an organic compound
1. Look for the longest carbon chain - this tells you the prefix of its name
2. Look for the functional group - this tells you the suffix of its name. The number of the
carbon it is attached to is placed in the middle of the name, between the prefix and suffix
Functional group Suffix
Alkane -ane
Alkene -ene
Alcohol -ol
Aldehyde -al
Carboxylic Acid -oic acid
Ketone -one
3. If there are any hydrocarbon branches, their name always ends in -yl. The number of the
carbon the branch is attached to is placed before it.

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Common branch (group) Displayed formula of branch
names (group attached)
Methyl CH3
Ethyl CH2CH3
Chloro Cl
Bromo Br
Iodo I
Hydroxy OH
Amino NH2
Phenyl C6H6 (benzene ring)
We name the number of the carbon that is doubled bonded (in an alkene) by putting the number in
the middle of the alkenes name or the carbon that is attached to alcohol group
If there are two or more branches, they are always placed in alphabetical order with their carbon
attachment numbers next to them individually…read more

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Example: 2-methylpropan-1-ol…read more


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