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Number of Carbon Prefix
atoms in chain

1 Meth

2 Eth

3 Prop

4 But

5 Pent

6 Hex

7 Hept

8 Oct

9 Non

10 Dec
Naming an organic compound

1. Look for the longest carbon chain - this tells you the prefix of its name
2. Look for…

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Common branch (group) Displayed formula of branch
names (group attached)
Methyl CH3
Ethyl CH2CH3

Chloro Cl
Bromo Br

Iodo I

Hydroxy OH

Amino NH2

Phenyl C6H6 (benzene ring)

We name the number of the carbon that is doubled bonded (in an alkene) by putting the number in
the middle of…

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Example: 2-methylpropan-1-ol


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