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Memory ­ a mental capacity to store and later retrieve information from previous
experiences or information that has been memorized or learnt.

Duration ­

a measure of how long memory lasts before it is no longer available for recall.

Studies into duration by:

Peterson and Peterson (1959) STM


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The STM is said to have a capacity of 7 + or ­ 2 (Millers Magic Number)

The LTM has a limitless capacity.

Encoding ­

The way in which information is stored in memory, it is thought that information in STM
is mainly acoustic and LTM in semantically.

Baddeley (1966)…

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Found that words from the beginning and end of the list were recalled more
Words from the beginning would have made it to the LTM, called primary effect
Words from the end of the like still been in STM called recency effect

Case study Clive Wearing

Suffered from amnesia…

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The case study of KF

Proof that the LTM and STM are separate, no problem remembering LT memories some
aspects of the immediate recall was impaired. He remembered more when tasks were
displayed visually rather than acoustic suggesting impairment to the phonological loop.

Evaluations of WMM;

Shows a far more…


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