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A list of all of the keywords needed for the MGD on the Olympics 2012

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MGD Glossary
Sustainable development - Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Legacy ­ What is being left for future generations
Affordable housing ­ Affordable housing is residential buildings which can be purchased by a middle and lower class
Brownfield Sites ­ Brownfield sites are disused constructions which are ideal for development. Area may contain toxic
material or dilapidated infrastructures.
Greenfield sites ­ Greenfield sites are sites with no previous development or construction. Use of Greenfield sites often
conflicts with environmental concerns
Vegetation ­ Vegetation, or flora, is biological material which forms plant life
Fauna ­ Fauna are also biotic elements which are generally known as animals
Renewable ­ able to be sustained or renewed indefinitely, either because of inexhaustible supplies or because of new
Irrigation - to bring a supply of water to a dry area, especially in order to help crops to grow
Ethnic- sharing distinctive cultural traits as a group in society
Venue ­ A facility which hosts an event
Connected ­ the system of linkages are present
Gridlocked ­ A traffic jam where no cars can move
Multiple Deprivations ­ Detrimental impact concerning or including several things, people, or parts
Derelict ­ Disused, abandoned without usage
Ethnically Diverse ­ to feature a series of different ethnicities
Deprived - lacking the things needed for a comfortable or successful life
Managerial and professional - involving or characteristic of a manager or management, especially in business,
with developed skill
Semi-skilled - with or requiring relatively few skills or little training: Candidate whose occupation requires secondary
school and/or occupation-specific training, or on-the-job training and whose occupation falls under National Occupational
Classification (NOC) levels C or D.
Unskilled - not requiring special training, education, or skill
Manufacturing - to make something into a finished product using raw materials, es pecially on a large industrial scale
Temporary - lasting or designed to last for a limited time

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Tenure - the occupation of an official position, or the length of time that an official position is occupied
Densely populated - An area that is crowded.
Social Housing - Housing provided by Government (public housing) and community organisations (community
High Rise - a tall building or structure used as a residential and /or office building. In some areas they may be
referred to as "MDU" standing for "Multi Dwelling Unit".
Travellers - A member of the travelling community.…read more


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