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Metallic bonding
John Reardon…read more

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· Description of metallic bonding
· Description and explanation of properties
· Description and explanation of properties part
· Test
· answers
· Description alloys properties and structures…read more

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Metallic bonding
· Is the bonding of two metals
· electrostatic attractive forces between the
delocalized electrons.…read more

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Properties of metallic bonding
A metallic lattice is made up of millions of positive
ions and decloised electrons.
High melting/boiling points
The attraction between positive and negative
delocalised electrons are strong so high
temperatures are needed to break the metallic
Good electrical conductivity
Delocalised electrons are able to move freely
within the metallic lattice this allows electricity to
flow even through solids.…read more

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Properties of metallic bonding part.
· Malleability and ductility
· Delocalised electrons are resonsible
because they can move the metallic
structure has a degree of give which allow
atoms to pass over each other.…read more

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· What is meant by mettalic bonding?
· How does a metal conduct eletrcity?
· Explain how metllic bonding is different
from covalent?…read more

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