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Criminal…read more

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The MENTAL element of a crime.…read more

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(1) Direct Intention
· The defendant has the direct purpose of making the consequence happen
(2) Oblique Intention
· It is not the defendant's purpose to bring about the result but it could be
expected in the circumstances (Woollin).…read more

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The taking of an unjustifiable risk.
R v Cunningham gave us a two part test:
(1) The defendant realised the risk of the consequence
(2) The defendant took that risk anyway…read more

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A person is negligent if he fails to exercise such care, skill or foresight as
a reasonable person in his situation would exercise.
Gross negligence manslaughter is a very serious offence, mere
carelessness is not sufficient.
R v Adomako
An anaesthetist failed to notice a disconnected oxygen tube for 6
minutes rather than the standard time of 15 seconds. He failed to reach
the standard of care required of a reasonably competent anaesthetist.…read more

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R v Maloney ­ accidently killed his stepfather after drinking
R v Woollin ­ threw his son towards his cot
R v Cunningham ­ caused gas poisoning after severing the gas pipes
R v G ­ set fire to a supermarket
R v Adomako ­ failed to notice the disconnected oxygen tube for 6
minutes…read more

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