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2) Critically assess explanations relating to the dissolution of relationships. (25)

The dissolution of relationships refers to why do relationships fail or breakdown. One explanation is the
view that there are `risk' factors involved, certain characteristics which increase the likelihood of
dissolution. According to Duck, relationships are like cars.…

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expectations. Rollie and Duck's model is supported by real-life dissolution examples. Tashiro and Frazier
surveyed undergraduates who had recently broken up from a romantic relationship and found that not
only had individuals reported emotional stress but also reported personal growth. This supports the final
two stages of Rollie and…

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A relationship involves a lot on investment from both parties, but the benefits we get in return in terms
of mental and physical health are improving self-esteem and the extent to which they buffer(protect) us
from stress. Self-esteem refers to your personal evaluation of yourself, whether you think highly…

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The main effect hypothesis predicts that stronger social networks should result in better health,
regardless of stressor exposures. This hypothesis is supported by Bell et al, who showed that people
with more social contacts such as a spouse and clubs, were less depressed regardless of their stress
levels. Lin…

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research, and was identified by Wood and Duck. Same-sex relationships and indirect, computer
mediated relationships are the focus of understudied relationships.

Homosexuality is still illegal in many countries but it was only recently removed from the DSM in the
late 90's. Certain cultures still promote same-sex relationships and there…

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relationships were shorter than gay ones. This is further supported by Gottman, who suggested most
dissolution between lesbians.

Modern day relationships include `mediated' communication, which is indirect interaction, through
computers and phones. Computer mediated relationships, do not reduce the reality of relationships,
but could be supportive to those who…

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Everyone has some kind of romantic relationship in their lives. Love and romance is a vital aspect in
maintaining a long term relationship and `falling in love' is also a vital part of growing up. Erikson noted that
the acknowledgement of successful, intimate relationships is essential for young adults,…

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results in preference for short-term or temporary relationships in Western cultures, rather than
permanent relationships, which would demonstrate a preference for continuity. Non-Western cultures
have a more likable approach to continuity and long-term or permanent relationships. This is due to the
amiability for heritage, ancestry and non-change. A statistical…


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