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This is a Word Document with all of the topics that could possibly come up on a Maths GCSE paper. If there is anything that i have missed please message me or comment.

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GCSE Maths Topics
Number, Data, Algebra, Space & Shape
Handling data Number:
Tallying, collecting and grouping data Rounding and estimating
Mean, mode and median Negative numbers
Scatter diagrams I Prime numbers, factors and multiples
Line graphs and pictograms Significant figures
Probability Ratio and proportion
Questionnaires Long multiplication and division
Measures of central tendency and measures of spread Fractions
Probability Decimals
Pie charts and frequency diagrams Percentages
Scatter diagrams II and Cumulative frequency diagrams Standard Form
Powers and standard index form
Space Algebra:
Angles & Area Indices e.g. 22
Measures Graphs
Polygons Proportion
Volume Flow Charts
Co-ordinates and bearings Sequences
Three Dimension Inequalities
Symmetry & Transformations Basic algebra
Pythagoras Theorem Solving equations
Basic Trigonometry Quadratic equations
Graphs of sin, cos and tan Simultaneous equations
Sine and cosine rules and area of a triangle
Circle Theorem


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