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1. Numbers
2. Shape and Area
3. Trigonometry
4. Graphs
5. Handling Data
6. Algebra
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· Always break down a complicated
probability question into a sequence of
separate single events
· Find the probability of each of these
separate events
· Apply the AND/OR rule
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Example: Find the probability of picking two
kings from a pack of cards (assuming you don't
replace the first card picked)
1. Split this in to two separate events i.e. picking
the first king and then picking the second king
2. Find the separate probabilities of these two
separate events: P(1st King) =
P(2nd King)54= 3
3. Apply the AND/OR 2 rule: Both events must
happen so it is an AND rule so multiply the
two separate probabilities.
4 x 3 = 1
5 51 221
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