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How to find the area of a trapezium…read more

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What is a trapezium?
If you look careful it kind of looks like a plant pot…read more

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What is a trapezium?
To find the are of a TRAPEZIUM you have to use a formula...
It's not as hard as it sounds or looks for that matter, trust me!
½ x h x (a+b)…read more

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What is a trapezium?
½ x h x (a+b)…read more

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What is the area of the trapezium?
½ x h x (a+b)
6 cm
4 cm 2
6 + 10= 16 32cm
14 x 4 = 64
10 cm
64 / 2 = 32cm2
Need a hint? Ask a friend then if still no idea ask the teacher!…read more

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Question Time
Martin has got his mum a flower pot and he needs to buy some soil for it.
Martin needs to find the area of his plant pot, so he measures the base height and the
top. But cannot work out the area, so can you help him out?
7 + 5 =12 7 cm
12 x 6= 72
72 / 2= 36 cm ² 6 cm
What the area of the plant pot? 5 cm…read more

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A good presentation of the area of a trapezium with examples and well illustrated.  One mistake on slide 5, the second line of working should read 16 x 4 = 64.



<script>alert("This is a pretty good presentation! Very well made!")</script>

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