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What are landslides?
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Preventing Landslides
Preventing Landslides 2
Preventing Landslides 3…read more

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Types of Mass Movement
FLOW…read more

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Nevado del Ruiz Mudflow 1985…read more

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Causes of Mass Movements
Shear stress
Gravity "slide component"
Shear strength
"stick component"…read more

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Causes of Mass Movements
In this example what has happened to the balance between shear
stress and the shear strength ?
Mass movements
occur when the shear
stress increases or
the shear strength
Shear Shear
Shear stress has ...... Slope
strength stress
= stability
Shear strength has ......
strength Shear Slope
stress = failure…read more

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Causes of Mass Movements
Think of factors that could either reduce the shear strength or increase
shear stress.
Shear Strength Shear Stress
Increase in water content Increase in slope angle
of slope
Removal of overlying Shocks & vibrations
Weathering Loading the slope with
additional weight
Alternating layers of Undercutting the slope
varying rock types/lithology
Burrowing animals
Removal of vegetation
Explain how each of these either reduces shear strength or increases
shear stress.…read more

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