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Definition of Marxism:…read more

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It was not originally intended to be a theory of
international organization. As it became more
powerful, Marx's theories were expanded to
explain how nations relate to one another.
The main premise of
Marxism is Economics. This theory begins
with observation that, in order to continue
to exist, humans must produce food and
material possessions. In order to carry out
Created production, social beings enter into
by Karl relationships with each other. The size and
modernization or state of society does not
Marx matter ­ every civilization needs
production to be successful.…read more

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· Conflict perspective based on the ideas of
Karl Marx.
· It sees society as divided into 2 opposed
classes, one which exploits the other.
· In a Capitalist society the Bourgeoisie exploit
the proletariat.
· Marx predicted the proletariat will unite and
overthrow Capitalism and create a classless
· Institutions maintain the class division.…read more

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Even though Functionalist and Marxism are very
different, they both use models of society and how they
work. They also stress the meaningless of human
behaviour, denying that it is primarily determined by the
structure of society. These approaches are known as
social action theory, interpretive sociology or micro
sociology.…read more


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