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The `Marxism' theory was introduced by Karl Marx (1818-1883); Marx thought that individuals
behaviour is shaped by the society, he also stated that the society is defined by the economic system
and every individual helps to structure that society. Marx knew this because every society interest is
financial gained. He also that there are two types of norms within the society which are:
capitalist/bourgeois and proletariat. Bourgeoisie are a group people that are very wealthy, they own
many businesses and other places which earn them a financial gain such as in the employment
sectors. Marxist believe that society is not based on agreement and harmony, but instead is split by
divisions of inequalities such as power, money and status. For example the ruling class have the
power(bourgeoisie), they are the bosses who exploit the working class "wage slave." Marx thought
that work was the most important activity in society. He also thought that all workers had a lot in
common. He believed that owners exploited workers, who would gradually get poorer and then
unite to overthrow the capitalist system. The proletariat are large groups of individuals who are very
poor compared to the bourgeoisie. The Marxist theory states that because of the norms or the
group you belong to within the society it will influence the way in which you behave. This theory also
says that as the capitalists are taking over the economic system; media, schools, legal systems it
means that the more the proletariats are becoming needy and therefore they are serving the
capitalists duties and this means they are likely to stay poor according to the capitalists. Marxist
believed that family functions only benefit the social class that owns businesses(bourgeoisie).
Marx believed that the bourgeoisie would decline in size and get richer, while the proletariat would
grow in size and become increasingly poor. Eventually the proletariat would reach point where they
would rebel leading to a revolution. The result of this would be that the social class would disappear
and people would live in a more equal society. Marx predictions about revolution have not occurred
in Britain due to results of increased social class.


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