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Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage want to get married and Church of England marriage
The purpose of marriage- Christians understand the seriousness of the ceremony
believe that marriage is a gift from commitment. Many Christian A religious ceremony has some
God. The purpose of christen churches also expect the couple to difference from a civil ceremony:
marriage is to provide have attended church for some Welcome- Priest reads out what
companionship and a stable, loving weeks before the marriage. Christians believe about marriage.
environment in which to raise Different types of marriage Declarations- The couple make
children. `Be fruitful and multiply'. ceremonies: Civil ceremony- a civil promises in the presence of God
Christian marriage is about the love ceremony is usually a short that they will love, comfort, honour
of the couple, the love of new and ceremony in a register office or and protect their partner as long as
the love of God. approved buildings. There must be they both shall live.
Christian marriage preparation- In 2 witnesses who sign the register- Vows. Exchange of rings-
most Christian churches, the couple this is legal requirement to make symbolises God's eternal nature
is expected to attend marriage the marriage valid. The service and never-ending love as well as
preparation classes before they includes the Declaratory words. the never-ending love of the
actually get married. This provides There are also the Contracting couple.
an opportunity for them to think words. Proclamation- the priest tells the
through why they couple and everyone in the church
that they are now husband and wife. Quaker marriage ceremony
Prayers- may include prayers for Not all Christian religious weddings
the gift of children and a blessing is are the same. In Quaker marriage
given. ceremony there will be no priest as
Readings- readings from the Bible they believe that only God can join
are often read by family or friends. a couple in marriage therefore a
The priest also gives a sermon priest does not do this. A Quaker
about the importance of marriage wedding may well take place in a
to remind people about the nature Friends' Meeting House, as part of
of married love and the the usual service. Often there will
responsibilities of married people be no readings or hymns. It will
and of others support the marriage. begin with a period of silence for
Signing of the register- bride and some 10-15minutes and be
groom and 2 witnesses sign the followed by the exchange of rings
register. and declaration of vows. The
certificate will be signed and there
may be more silence.


Miss KHP


Good as an introduction to marriage from a Christian perspective. Important words in bold. I suggest you try and find biblical verses if you are aiming for the top marks to support your answers.

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