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MARKETING…read more

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What is a market?
· A market is where buyers and sellers come
together to exchange products for money; this
will not usually be a single location.…read more

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Marketing concepts
· PRODUCTION CONCEPT: This is based on
economies of scale; companies try to reduce costs
as far as possible, as they assume people will
choose products based on price.
· SELLING CONCEPT: based on aggressive selling and
· MARKETING CONCEPT: Based on the idea that
organisations can best meet their objects by
concentrating on consumer needs and satisfying
those needs better than competitors…read more

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Business Objectives vs. Marketing
· Organisations in private and public sector have
business aims and objects.
· Business objectives: (private sector) are objectives
that concern the business or organisation as a
· Marketing objects: describe ways in which
focusing on consumer can help achieve the more
general objectives.
· The objects of Marketing = To increase sales,
profits and market shares and develop new
products and new market segments.…read more

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What does the marketing department
· Sales
· Research and Development
· Promotion
· Distribution…read more

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SWOT Analysis
· Strengths
· Weaknesses
· Opportunities
· Threats
· Looks at external factors: The opportunities and threats presented
by external factors
· Looks at the internal factors: The strengths and weaknesses
internal to the organisation.
· Why companies use swot: To see how well or badly they are doing
· What their competitors are doing
· How they may be affected by external factors
· What action they need to take based on information they've
collected.…read more

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