Market Structures - Edexcel Unit 3

Full notes for Market Structues - Unit 3 A2 Economics Edexcel

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Harry Bindloss
Market Number Concentratio Efficiency Efficiency Profits in Profits in
Structure of Firms n Ratio in the SR in the LR the SR the LR
Allocative Allocative
Perfect Infinite Very Low but not and Supernormal Normal Wheat
Competition productive productive
Monopolisti Large
c number of Low Inefficient Inefficient Supernormal Normal Hairdresser
Competition firms
Oligopoly Few High Inefficient Inefficient Supernormal Supernormal Soft Drinks
Monopoly 1 100% Inefficient Inefficient Supernormal Supernormal Eurostar

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Harry Bindloss



This is a one page summary of the different market structures. If you have not created your own, use this.

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