Manufacturing Techniques

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Manufacturing Techniques
Vacuum forming used to make trays, casing etc. A mould is pushed into a heated
sheet of soft thermoplastic, getting rid of any air using a vacuum below the mould which
helps to suck out any bubbles, leaving the plastic in the shape of the mould. This process is
often used in batch or mass production. USED LIEKLY TO BE USED IN CD
PRODUCTION make sure you know this one!
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Injection moulding plastic granules are heated up into a liquid form, hen channelled
into a mould using pressure. Used to make more complex shapes.
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Blow moulding Used to makes hollow objects, can be used with glass or soft plastic
to make bottles etc. A two part mould is used air is blown into the plastic/glass, making it fit
the mould. One it has solidified, the mould can be taken apart, leaving the shape within.
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Die cutting sharp blades and metal edges are used to cut materials for packaging
neatly and efficiently. Creasing bars are used to create creases that can be folded. This
process would be useful in creating a quality finish t o CD inserts. THIS IS ALSO AN
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