Managing People Revision Notes

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Managing people revision notes
5.1 Recruitment
The recruitment process
Job analysis > Identifies duties and needs of a job.
Job description > defines main duties and responsibilities.
Person specification > Identifies an ideal applicant.
Contract of employment > Sets out rights and duties for employer and employee.

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Employer and employee has responsibilities. Four main obligations are
expected from ALL parties
The job description and advertisement ­ clear and accurate. E.g. cannot make
employees clean toilets if it is not on the job description.
Honest information e.g. experiences and qualifications. No information to be left
out by the employee if it would influence decision whether to take on applicant
e.g. criminal record.…read more

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Types of training
Onthejob training
Training in his/her own workplace during his/her working hours.
Types of these are:
Internal courses (Employers run corses inside their own firm and use their own
machinery and equipment.…read more

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Motivation is the way in which a person can be encouraged to make an effort to
do something.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Maslow concluded that people had five levels of need which he illustrated in a
`hierarchy of needs' pyramid.
According to Maslow, when people satisfy one level they move up to the next
When they have satisfied the need for survival (clothes, food, shelter), they then
need to feel safe and secure.…read more

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Importance of motivation
There is likely to be a lower labour turnover If employees are happy in their work,
they are less likely to leave.
Employees would probably produce higher quality goods because they are
interested in their work.
There would be fewer accidents as they are working in a team and concentrating on
Less likely to take time off ­ Improves production and overall profitability.…read more

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Comprehensive notes covering all aspects of the people side of the business including recruitment, selection, motivation, legal constraints, appraisal and training. Students can use these in a variety of ways.

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