Macbeth Disturbed Characters Quotes

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Macbeth ­ Disturbed Characters
`I am afraid to think what I have done'
o I'm afraid even to think about what I've done.
`O full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife'
o Argh! I feel like my mind is full of scorpions, my dear wife.
`I could not say Amen'
o I couldn't reply "Amen"
`Is this thy dagger I see before me'
o Is this a dagger I see in front of me
`It is the childhood that fears the painted devil'
o Only children are afraid of scary pictures.
`Strange things I have in head that will to hand, which must be acted ere they may be
o I have some schemes in my head that I'm planning to put into action. I have to do
these things before I have a chance to think about them.
`Blood will have blood'
o The dead will have their revenge
`You can behold such sights and keep the natural ruby of your cheeks when mine is blanch'd
with fear.'
o I see you looking at these terrible things and keeping a straight face, while my face
has gone white with fear.
`Prithee, see there! Behold, look, lo'
o Please, just look over there. Look! Look!
`Never shake thy gory locks at me'
o Don't shake your bloody head at me.
Methought I heard a voice cry, "Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep"
o I thought I heard a voice cry, "Sleep no more! Macbeth is murdering sleep."
`Better be with the dead than on the torture of the mind to end in restless ecstasy.'
o I'd rather be dead than endure this endless mental torture and harrowing sleep
`Strange and self-abuse is the initiate fear that wants hard use. We are yet but young in

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My strange self-delusions just come from inexperience. We're still just beginners
when it comes to crime.
`And with thy bloody and invisible hand cancel and tear to pieces that great bond which
keeps me pale.'
o Use your bloody and invisible hand to tear up Banquo's lease on life, which keeps me
in fear.
`Sleep in affliction of these terrible dreams which shake us nightly.…read more

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What hands are here? Ha! They pluck out mine eyes.'
o Whose hands are these? Ha! They're plucking out my eyes.
`The mind I sway by and the heart I bear shall never sag with doubt nor shake with fear.'
o My mind and courage will never falter with doubt or shake with fear.
`Why should I play the Roman fool and die on mine own sword? Whiles I see lives, the gashes
do better upon them.…read more



Excellent quotations with translations for difficult language.

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