lynx and snowshoe hare relationship

information about the canadian lynx, and the snowshoe hare. All about their habits, hunting, life span, birth rate, habitat.

Also talks about their relationship with each other and how they both affect each other. includes graphs, pictures and detailed explanation of factors affecting birth and deat rate.

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Predator and Prey relationships

Canadian Lynx and Snowshoe Hare

The Canadian Lynx and Snowshoe Hare heavily depend on each other to
survive in the environment. They closely affect each other and live mainly in
Canada and partly in Washington. Their habitat consists mainly of a dense
undergrowth forest, or tundra.…

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of land in which no other male will enter unless its mating season. They live on
average 15 years. The female lynx can give birth to between 1 and 6 offspring,
with an average gestation period of 60 days. They only breed once a year, and
the mothers care for…

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Both the Hare and the Lynx have multiple options for food choices. Even
though the Lynx favour the snowshoe hare they can also eat other fish and
deer. Although when the numbers of hare are low this has a major impact on
the Lynx because it is harder for them…

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of the species at regular intervals, and then overtime they have data
recordings over years to give you a graph like the one below. From this you can
calculate the population cycle and whether numbers decrease more in
particular seasons or if it's because of disease.

It is
important to…

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