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Lipid Structure
Lipids contain: Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen however the proportions of oxygen to carbon
and Hydrogen is smaller than that in Carbohydrates.
they are insoluble in water
they are soluble in organic solvents for example alcohol and acetone
The main groups of lipids are triglycerides (fats and oils), phospholipids and waxes.
Roles ­ they are found in the plasma membranes, the phospholipids contribute to the
flexibility of the membranes and the transfer of lipidsoluble substances
Energy Source when oxidised the lipid contain more than double the energy carbs
Waterproofing because they are insoluble in water they can provide a water proof
barrier (the waxy cuticles in plants and insects that conserve water and mammals
produce an oils substance onto the skin.)
Insulation poor heat conductors so when stored under the skin they will retain body
Protection provides a shock absorber around the delicate organs in the body
Scents lipids form the basis on `plant perfumes' which attract insects for pollination.
Water during respiration the lipid will release water molecules (essential to camels in
Cell membranes the structure on phospholipids cause the membranes to form
bilayers (see diag. oct)

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