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Lay People…read more

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Lay Magistrates…read more

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O Just under 29,000 magistrates in England
and Wales
O Unpaid (except expenses)
O Voluntary
O Approx. £500 a year in training each
O Roughly equal gender balance
O Reasonably good ethnic balance
O Part time job…read more

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O Work 26 half days a year (13.5 days)
O Aren't legally trained
O Have power in threes
O They have a role in all criminal cases, even if
it is just the pre trial hearing
O Deal with the entire case for 95% of all
criminal cases (~1 million)…read more

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O To become a magistrate, there are 6 key
personal qualities that all applicants should
1. Good character ­ including integrity,
respect and trust
2. Communication ­ Works both ways,
involving listening and talking skills…read more

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3. Social awareness ­ appreciation of law
and respect and knowledge of ethnic
4. Mature ­ sense of fairness and
understanding of people
5. Sound judgement ­ ability to weigh
arguments, and to have an open mind
6. Commitment ­ Willing and committed to
train and serve…read more

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