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Rate of reaction - The speed of the reaction. It can be measured as the 'rate of formation of
product' (e.g. collecting gaseous product in a syringe) or the 'rate of removal of reactant'. The
speeds of reactions are very varied, e.g. a faster reaction example is magnesium reacting…

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Rate-determining step - A step in a mechanism which solely determines the rate of a reaction e.g. it
might be an initiation step with a high activation energy. Catalysts can also be rate-determining

Activation energy ­ The minimum energy needed by reactant particles (molecules or ions) before
products can…

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During the rate of reaction experiment, read the absorbance from the meter at regular intervals, and
then use the calibration curve to convert those values into concentrations.

Gas production

When a gas is formed from a solid reacting with a solution, it can
be collected in a gas syringe.



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