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B2: Keeping Healthy ­ Answers
1. Human body barriers to stop harmful MOs getting inside:
Chemicals in tears destroy microorganisms
Your skin produces chemicals that make it hard for microorganisms to grow
If microorganisms get in through your mouth, acid in the stomach destroys most of them
The skin is…

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Society gives us the right to choose
Some people may be more prone to side effects.
15. To stop a large outbreak of a disease, almost everyone must be vaccinated because if they are not large numbers of the
disease causing MOs will be left in infected people. If the…

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27. Arteries: Thick, muscular and elasticated wall means that it can strongly pump blood through the body. Narrower lumen
increases blood pressure so blood can flow much faster, which means that respiration can happen quicker.
Veins: Thinner wall and wider lumen because there is a lower blood pressure as no…


Sasha Dean


This is a brilliant revision source but what are the questions?

Could you please tell me?

p.s. Probably one of the best revision guides I have seen. ..)



This document is written as though these are answers to questions, but even though we do not know exactly what the questions are it is still a very good resource to use. The information given is clear and to the point with the right amount of detail. 



This is very useful  but where are the questions?

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