Is Science a Belief System?

A brief recap on a new area of the specification for the AQA Sociology syllabus regarding science and religion. This apparently should summarise the unit.

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Is science a belief system?
Key Concepts:
Science ­ biology, chemistry, physics (closed)
Belief system ­ sacred: absolute moral truth
No, science is NOT a belief system
Popper ­ science is about falsification, forever developing unlike fixed religions
Merton ­ science thrives because it has support from society
Dawkins ­ science is not based on `mindless irrational myths'
Weber ­ people are moving to science because it makes sense
Example ­ in America some states don't teach evolutionism
Yes, science IS a belief system
Polanyi ­ provides individuals with a truth (moral / factual)
Interactionism ­ both socially constructed
Postmodernism ­ grand narratives have collapsed; relativism


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