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Institutional aggression

May occur within groups or institutions e.g. the army. But also can happen between
groups. More complex processes and conditions than interpersonal aggression.

Within groups

Wortley ­ over 26,000 reported prisoner on prisoner assaults in US prisons that led to
83 deaths.

Importation model ­ Irwin and Cressey:…

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Dehumanisation ­ if target group is dehumanised the group members are seen as
worthless animals and therefore are not worthy of the normal human moral
consideration. The Hutu referred to the Tutsi as cockroaches.

Obedience to authority ­ Milgram believed that if people could administer shocks just
because they were…

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Biology is an important factor
Bond carried out a supporting study for serotonin. He did a study of
antidepressants (drugs which elevate serotonin levels) and found that
patients did show reduced irritability and impulsive aggression when taking
the drugs.
To improve, the diathesis-stress model should be used. This model


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