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Key Quotes in "The Inspector Calls":
Act 1
"Solid Furniture"pg.1
"not cosy and homelike" pg.1
"light should by pink and intimate until the inspector arrives, and then it should be
brighter and harder" pg.1
"all five are in evening dress" pg.1
"Birling is a heavy looking, rather portentous man ...rather provincial in his speech"
"His wife is ... a rather cold woman and he husbands social superior" pg.1
"Sheila is a pretty girl...very pleased with life and rather excited" pg.1
"Gerald Croft is an attractive chap...rather to manly to be a dandy...well bread
young man about the town" pg.2
"Eric is...not quite at ease, half shy, half assertive" pg.2
Birling:" we may look forward to the time when Croft and Birling's ... are working
together ­ for lower costs and higher prices" pg.4
Birling: "I speak as a hard headed business man" pg.6
Birling: "I say there isn't chance of war" pg.6
Birling: "the Titanic... absolutely unsinkable"pg.7
Birling: "So long as we behave ourselves, don't get in to the police court or start a
scandal ­eh? (laughs complacently)" pg.8
Birling: " A man has to make his own way" pg.9
Birling: "Community and all that nonsense" pg.10
Birling: "A man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own"
Birling: "I was ... Lord mayor two years ago" pg.11
"Interposes himself between them and the photograph" pg.12
Birling: " I can't accept any responsibility" pg.14
Birling " It's my duty to keep labour costs down" pg.15
Inspector: " it's better to ask for the earth than take it" pg.15
Inspector: " There are a lot of young women living that sort of existence in every city
and big town" pg.19
Gerald: " we're respectable citizens and not criminals" pg.22
Inspector: " You used your power... to punish the girl" pg.24
Inspector: " you think young women ought to be protected from unpleasant and
disturbing thing?" pg.27
Inspector: " We'll have to share our guilt" pg.29
Gerald: "favourite haunt of women of the town" pg.34
Sheila: " Between us we killed her" pg.35
Gerald: " (Alderman) Meggarty... had wedged her into and corner" pg.35
Gerald: "I didn't install her to make lover to her" pg.37
Gerald: "It was inevitable. ... I became at once the most important person in her life"
pg. 37
Gerald: " she was lovely" pg.37

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Gerald: " I didn't feel about her as she felt about me" pg.38
Gerald: "I broke it off definitely... she was ­ very gallant ­ about it" pg.38
Inspector: "Public men ...have responsibilities as well as privileges" pg.41
Sheila: "We've no excuse now for putting on airs"pg.41
Mrs Birling: "one of the things that prejudiced me against her case" pg.43
Mrs Birling: "She only had herself to blame" pg.43
Mrs Birling: "If you think you can bring any pressure to bear upon me...…read more


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