Input, output, software and hardware

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Input Devices
Device Name Purpose/Use Advantages of Device Disadvantages of Device Picture
Keyboard Its main use is typing, however The devise helps you to Some people may
it is used for many other do shortcuts so you can, find it hard to learn
things too. These include for example, copy how to type
shortcuts with copying, something by pressing People could be slow
pasting and exiting programs control-C at typing in which
and quickly making notes on You can use the arrow case would make
something that would keys to control things more sense to write
normally take a considerable such as games and the note if this is
amount of time. scrolling through word faster.
documents or the Health issues could
internet. be caused such as
Cheap to get as they arthritis.
come with every
Compatible with every
Keypad The keypad is the number A quicker and easier way This could be locked
cluster typically found on a to add in data such as with the number lock
keyboard which resembles the phone numbers or button which people
dialing system on a telephone. money quantities. may not know how to
They are rather useful when It is easier to use with undo.
typing in large quantities of one hand so you could Numbers may be
data as the numbers are closer be drinking some coffee repeated or fingers
together and easier to work. whilst typing in the may be too fat to
information. type on this.
There is not a big travel People may be
movement for your confused as to the
fingers when typing telephone and
things out. computer layout.

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Mouse The mouse gives the user a They can be used without They need to be on a
quick, accurate and any software. flat surface otherwise
straightforward way to make They are very user they won't function.
connections to the computer friendly and are not The surface has to be
screen and make selections confusing to use. a specific type to help
depending on their desires.…read more

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Touch Pad A touchpad is used instead of They are very small If you get them dirty
a mouse on laptops as they They work at the touch you have to clean
take up less space. They are as you use your fingers them otherwise they
used as a navigation system to scroll across the pad do not work properly.
around the screen as a mouse which in effect is They can be over or
or tracker ball would do. repeated on the screen.…read more

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Scanner A scanner is used to copy Can be small The image files often
things electronically and save They are quick to use take up a lot of
them onto the computer The scanners are very memory
which enables you to have an accurate and pick up a lot You need certain
electronic version of a paper of detail. software to run and
file. This way you can edit it Can produce high edit the images.
and make any adjustments and resolution images.…read more

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Webcam You can do many things with a Can be found built into You may forget to
webcam such as taking computers or laptops turn it off and people
pictures and videos, using it to Enables you to talk to can see what you are
talk to friends on social people all over the world doing.
networking sites such as Have camera functions A hacker can secretly
Skype or facebook.…read more

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Chip and Pin Are put typically on credit Adds better security to Card machine may not
cards to stop fraud-men as the card holder be working
they would have to know the Is a more safe way for People may forget
pin number to pay with the shops to get money their pins
card. People may not have
an upgraded card yet.…read more

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Device Name Purpose/Use Advantages of Device Disadvantages of Device Picture
Screen/Monitor Also knows as a VDU (visual Relatively cheap It is unsuitable for
display unit) is the most Very reliable people who may not
common computer output Can display both text and have the best visual
system and are often used on graphics. senses.
desktop computers and in Can display in black and If there is an
shops to display prices ext. white and colour electronic hitch, the
Very quiet screen may break.…read more

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Plotters Used by dragging a pen from Accurate with drawing Takes a long time to
side to side of a piece of precise information finish the complete
paper. They are often used in Can draw things precisely item
science labs and engineering over a big piece of paper. Can be rather
offices to draw out designs. Can produce larger expensive to buy.…read more

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Communications Devices
Device Name Purpose/Use Advantages of Device Disadvantages of Device Picture
Modem Converts digital data to Not expensive. Can have a slow
analogue data over the Has a high transmission speed.
telephone line. speed
The telephone can still be
used at the same time.
Router This sends network traffic to Can make connections to Quite expensive
the correct places, it reads different media locations Needs to be updated
network connections within quickly and efficiently. often.
each data package sent to it. Can filter broadcasts.…read more

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Wifi Adaptor Allows you to use your Allows you to connect to Other people can
internet connection to send the internet around the connect to it if you
out other connections around house or your flat. are not properly
the local area to allow other Is a cheap way to have protected.
devises such as laptops and internet instead of having
tables to also connect to the multiply routers.
internet.…read more



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