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Infradian Rhythms
Infradian rhythms happen less than once a day. They have been known about for centuries. A
seventeenth-century doctor, Sanctorius, weighed healthy young men over long periods of time and
found a monthly weight change of 1-2. Infradian rhythms include annual cycles (cricannual
rhythms), the menstrual cycle and animal…

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Reinberg (1967) studied the menstrual cycle of a woman after she had spent 3 months in a cave
with dim lighting. Her sleep/wake cycle lengthened slightly and her menstrual cycle became shorter.
It took a year for this to return to normal. This would indicate that light can affect the…

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For example, PMS has been used as a legal defence. Ms English drove her car into her married lover
after an argument, killing him. She was charged with murder but ultimately was placed on
probation because it was argued in court that her actions were related to severe PMS (Johnson,…


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