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Computers and ICT in
Accounting…read more

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How is Microsoft Word used?
Word is used to write letters, invoices and
memorandums to a high professional
Microsoft word can be used to create
business identity in creating logos to help
create brand awareness.…read more

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How is excel used?
Excel is a good way to organise financial data.
Also it's software provides a fast and easy way
to calculate large quantities of numerical data.
Consequently, this can save the time of senior
accounting staff checking calculations. Also it
will save money in employing more staff.
Excel is used to create; balance sheets, profit
and loss account, trading account, final
accounts and trial balance.…read more

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How is e-mail used?
E-mails are useful as they provide a good
way of contacting clients and colleagues
which is very fast.
It helps to improve the business'
communications as they don't need to leave
their computers to pass on a message.
E-mail systems also provide a handy
calendar system to log appointments.…read more

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How is the internet used?
The internet can be a great way of
advertising your company and its services
for a small price.
As a result, it could create new business
opportunities and more public awareness.…read more

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Advantages of using ICT
ICT is helpful in accounting as it provides a
storage system for companies finances
which is easily accessible.
Another advantage is that it provides us with
a quick and easy way of communication
between companies and colleagues.…read more

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