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Inputs Devices
By: Chris-Ann…read more

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· Qwerty keyboard are the most common type of
keyboard . The name comes from the first row of
letters on the keyboard.
· Keyboard is used to enter words and figures , often
copied from a paper document .
· Each key is connected to a switch which closes
when the key is pressed. This sends a signal to
CPU based on the key's location.
· Qwerty keyboards are based on the way typewriters
were designed.
Concept keyboard
Concept keyboards are faster but more limited. Pictures
or symbols can be used to represent some item of…read more

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Advantages & Disadvantage of a
Advantages Disadvantages
· Most computers come · It is easy to make
with a keyboard mistakes when typing
supplied. in data
· People are used to · If you can't touch
using keyboards to type, it can be time
enter data, they need consuming to enter
very little training. data
· A skilled typist can · Keyboards are not
enter data very suitable for creating
quickly. diagrams
· Excessive use can…read more

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· A mouse has a tail in the form of a wire
connecting it to the computer .
There are usually two or three buttons:
· The pointer is icon, menu item , or the edge of a
picture , the mouse buttons can be clicked or
double-clicked to give the computer a command.
· A button can also be held down to drag
something across the screen.
· Mice tell the computer direction. This is used to
move the pointer on the screen.…read more

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a mouse
Advantages Disadvantages
· Ideal for use with · They need a flat
desktop computers space close to the
· Usually supplied as computer
part of a new computer · The rollers in mice
system that use balls can
· Most computer users become clogged
are familiar with them with grease and
and require little grime and lose their
training accuracy until
· Works well in cleaned.
conjunction with a · Overuse can lead to…read more

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Touch-sensitive pad
· A touch pad is used controls the positions of the cursor on the screen.
· A touch pad is used instead of a mouse on a laptop .
· The movement of your fingers on the touch pad is mirrored by the pointer on
the screen.
· There are also buttons next to the touch pad to make selections.
· Useful for laptops when using a
· Takes practice and skill to control the
mouse isn't practical.
position of the cursor using the
· The pad's position is fixed compared
to the keyboard, unlike with a
· Gloves cannot be worn.
traditional mouse.
· Moist, sweaty or calloused fingers
· Very short finger movements are
can disrupt the signals picked up by the
required to move the cursor.
sensors.…read more

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