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Humanistic approach

Humanists argue against scientific approach to psychology, such as the Biological theory, because
they believe it is dehumanising.

"Psychologists have attempted to squeeze the study of human life into a lab situation where it
becomes unrecognisably different from its naturally occurring form"-Heather 1976

Humanists also believe that we…

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Maslow proposed the `hierarchy of needs' which can be found in pyramid form.

The highest level, self-actualisation, is rarely achieved by humans because it is `to become everything
that one is capable of becoming', or reaching our full potential which is often difficult because of
societal or bodily constraints.


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CCT (client-centred therapy) was developed by Rodgers. This was to help overcome incongruence.
The therapist gives the client unconditional positive regard, i.e. positive evaluation of the person with
whatever their choices may be. The therapist cannot be negative towards the client or criticise them
in any way.





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