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How to set up a Philosophy Essay/Exam Q.
Part A is ALWAYS 25 marks. Part B is ALWAYS 10 marks. Understanding the
difference between the two is easy if you just read through this.


Part A, is your introduction if you like. This is where you…

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makes sense! We just want "Aquinas was a devote catholic who not only created
the ethics of Natural Law but the Philosophical argument for the existence of
God ­ The cosmological argument. The argument is A Posteriori, and simply
states that viewing the world around us we know that God…

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nobody can say a word if its wrong! This is your opinion and so make a masquerade out
of it! Show off your knowledge! Show off your argument and show off the fact you
have some evidancing to back it all up!

It goes as follows:
b). To what extent…

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order and regularity in the universe. After all, we wouldn't be here to notice this apparent design if the
universe were not capable of supporting life at all, so even the slimmest of chances could still produce a
universe such as ours.

However, one could attempt to use an evolutionary…




Really easy to understand, and well explained.

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