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How has class structure changed in modern Britain?

The upper class

The ruling class has changed but opinions differ just on how much.
The New Right say that the ruling class has disintegrated. Saunders argues that the increase in the
number of people owning shares in the UK has led…

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Marxist Braverman says many non-manual workers (e.g. routine clerical workers, secretaries, shop
workers and call centre staff) have been deskilled by technology so that they now have more in
common with the working class in terms of job security and wealth. This is proletarianisation.
Roberts et al interviewed `middle class'…

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A big reason why there have been changes in the working class is because of globalisation. The
working class manufacturing jobs have vanished in the UK because they have moved abroad to
cheaper labour markets. There's an international division of labour. Globally the working class
includes workers in South East…

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to distinguish between the working class and the underclass is difficult and it's unproven that there
actually is a split between them.
However, Runciman stated that the underclass consists of people who live on welfare benefits
without hope of getting work. This group may include the disabled and those who…




A great summary for the various classes in Britain and their emergence. This includes theoritical perspectives and key theorists.

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