How did WW1 lead to the Tsar’s downfall?

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How did WW1 lead to the Tsar's downfall?
Conditions at home
Acute distress
Disruption of supplies
Short supply
Factories closed down= jobs lost
High inflation
National budget rose eightfold
High taxes,loans,borrowing from Britain and France
Prices increased by 200% between August 1914 and Christmas 1916
Moscow went from receiving 2200 wagons of grain per month to 300
Military failures
Heavy defeats
anger about way Tsar & gov conducted war
Sept 1915 went to front= personally responsible for deaths/defeats
1.8 million soldier deaths
1.7 million civilian deaths
4.9 million casualties
Rasputin and the Tsarina
Put in charge by Tsar whilst away at the front= stupid
Dismissed able ministers in favor of their friends who performed poorly
Changed ministers often
Discredited and ridiculed
Dismissed progressive Bloc
Thought ZEMGOR and war industries committee were disloyal
The Tsar's actions
Sept 1915 Tsar went to front to take personal charge
Held responsible for defeats
Left Tsarina & Rasputin in charge
Rejected duma and maintained autocracy
Refused requests from progressive bloc


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