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Homeostasis…read more

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What is homeostasis?
· Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant
internal environment. It is all about balancing
inputs and outputs in order to keep the
correct concentration of substances within
cells in order for them to function properly.…read more

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Water Content
· Water needs to be kept balanced. There
needs to be a balance between the water that
comes from drinks, food and respiration and
the water that leaves the body as sweat, in
pee, in ploppy r-buckle and when you breathe
out. If there's too much water within a cell
then the cell membrane will rupture and this
kills the cell. If there's too little water then the
cell shrivels up and it can't function properly
anymore.…read more

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Exercise and the climate can affect
· Strenuous exercise results in an increase in
body temperature which results in sweating.
By sweating the body loses water and salt and
so the levels of these substances decrease.
Water is also lost through the increase
breathing rate.
· Hot climates generally have the same effect.
· Cold climates can cause a rapid decrease in
the core body temperature.…read more

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· At high altitudes there is less oxygen available
and so this affects your blood oxygen level.
This can lead to altitude sickness because
there isn't enough oxygen within your blood.
· Scuba-diving also involves a cold climate and a
higher pressure. This means that oxygen can
be `pushed' into your blood. If this happens
too much then it can lead to a dangerous
condition called oxygen toxicity.…read more

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Negative Feedback
· Negative feedback is a mechanism which aims to
help maintain a constant internal environment by
reversing any change in the body away from the
desire level.
· It involves 3 main componenets. The receptor
which detects the change in the internal
environment, the processing centre which
receives the information an coordinates a
response and the effector which responds and
helps to counteract the change in the
environment.…read more

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