Hitlers Rise To Power

Infomation on how Hitler gained complete controll of Germany from the Munich Putch to him becoming chancellor, then how he became Furher.

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How Hitler Gained Power

November 1923 Hitler attempts the Munich Putsch. Hitler saw this as the best time to act as the
government was preoccupied with hyperinflation and the invasion of the Ruhr. Hitler high jacked a
government meeting in Bavaria in (southern Germany), thinking he had Von Kahr's support.…

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How Hitler Gained Power

Hindenburg and Von Papen engaged in lots of secret meetings with industrialists, army leaders and
politicians in January 1933.

Hindenburg appoints Hitler as Chancellor with Von Papen as Vice-Chancellor. They think they can
control Hitler.

Hitler is now Chancellor of Germany, but there are obstacles in…

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How Hitler Gained Power

SA members, including Roehm. Hitler controlled the army and removed all of his interior party

Hindenburg Dies:

Soon after the night of the Long Knives, Hindenburg dies and Hitler took over as supreme
ruler of Germany ­ Führer

Army Swears an Oath:

On the 2nd…


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