Hitlers Rise To Power

Infomation on how Hitler gained complete controll of Germany from the Munich Putch to him becoming chancellor, then how he became Furher.

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How Hitler Gained Power
November 1923 Hitler attempts the Munich Putsch. Hitler saw this as the best time to act as the
government was preoccupied with hyperinflation and the invasion of the Ruhr. Hitler high jacked a
government meeting in Bavaria in (southern Germany), thinking he had Von Kahr's support. Von Kahr
alerted the authorities, even though both he and Hitler were right wing. Hitler and 6000 Nazis
marched through Munich and were met by the Police and the Army. A fight broke out and 16 Nazis &
4 Policemen were killed. Hitler was given 5 years in prison for High Treason, but only served 9
months, in Lansburg Castle ­ where he wrote Mein Kampf.
1925 Hitler enlarged the S.A. these were made up largely from the unemployed particularly
ex-servicemen. Hitler also set up the SS in this year.
In early 1928 the Nazis were still the smallest party in the Reichstag and had failed to win over the
Mid 1928 Hitler recruits Josef Goebbels to take charge of Nazi Propaganda. Gobbles produces very
successful posters, leaflets, film and radio broadcasts.
By the end of 1928 the membership of the Nazi party had risen to 100,000 however they could not
achieve any more votes in elections.
The Wall Street Crash of 1929 hits. America was now recalling the loans it had lent to Germany.
As a result of the Wall Street Crash Germany was left in depression. Businesses went bankrupt and
unemployment rose.
In the wake of the Depression Hitler's 25 points became more appealing. In the 1930 elections the
Nazis gained 107 seats.
Reichstag elections in July 1932. The Nazis gained 230 seats and were the biggest single party. Hitler
demanded the position of Chancellor. Hindenburg was suspicious and refused, instead he let the
current chancellor, and Von Papen continues his role.
Von Papen had to call another election in November 1932.
By November 1932 the Nazis achieved nearly 200 seats. They were still the single largest party in
the Reichstag, however, they still did not have an overall majority.
Nazi campaigning and propaganda increased to try and gain an overall majority in the Reichstag after
the November elections.
After the success of 1932 Hitler ran for president. He got 13million Votes, Hindenburg Received
19million, although Hitler lost his popular sky rocketed.
In December of 1932 Hindenburg again refused to appoint Hitler as Chancellor and instead replaced
Von Papen with his bitter rival Von Scheicher. Von Papen remained in the Reichstag as an advisor to
Within a month of becoming Chancellor, Von Schleicher was forced to resign. The Weimar
government had failed. If democracy was going to succeed it needed a chancellor who had the
support of the Reichstag.

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How Hitler Gained Power
Hindenburg and Von Papen engaged in lots of secret meetings with industrialists, army leaders and
politicians in January 1933.
Hindenburg appoints Hitler as Chancellor with Von Papen as Vice-Chancellor. They think they can
control Hitler.…read more

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How Hitler Gained Power
SA members, including Roehm. Hitler controlled the army and removed all of his interior party
Hindenburg Dies:
Soon after the night of the Long Knives, Hindenburg dies and Hitler took over as supreme
ruler of Germany ­ Führer
Army Swears an Oath:
On the 2nd of August 1934 army swore an oath of personal loyalty to Adolf Hitler as Hitler.
Army agreed to stay out of politics and to serve Hitler.…read more


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