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Ted Hughes…read more

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· Poem has 6 stanzas all written in first person with no
rhyming scheme
· The poem represents the hawk as it roosts on a tree top
watching over the world and contemplating life
· This hawk sees himself as the centre of the world and
the best of creation bringing death to anything below him
that dares to question his authority
· The poem shows the reader that nature isn't always
· The hawk is positioned at master of nature. Being a
hawk, he is on top of the food chain, so therefore he os
more dominant; also, he is a predator…read more

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· Hawk vs. Nature
· The hawk thinks that he is superior to everything
and anything, including nature. He then realises
that all along he has just been a part of Nature,
and that he is in fact inferior.
· PEOPLE ­ everyone needs to remember that
there is always something bigger, greater and
more powerful than them out there. So don't
become to arrogant and egotistical.…read more

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· Ted Hughes(1930-1998) :one of the
important English poets in the 20th
· dominant poet in 1960s ·Hughes's poetry : strong feelings
· Innovator who had his own poetic and urgent ,brilliant images
voice and poetic technique of animal ·His studies of nature and
symbolism anthropology gave him a view of
· deeply involved in the observation of man as being both opposed by the
the world of creatures
primitive forces of nature and also
as containing those same forces
within himself.
·He was concerned with strong and
sometimes violent forces of nature,
but he wrote with great powers of
imagination as if from inside the
birds and animals.…read more

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This is a famous poem of the poet's and
a very special one in that the image of
the bird was quite new and striking in the
history of English poetry. Different
people may have different interpretations
of the hawk in the poem. There have
been quite controversial views as to the
meanings of the poem and the image of
the hawk.…read more

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The whole poem is a monologue of ,or
psychology about, the hawk. The bird,
perched on the top of the trees, inspects
the land below him and has some arrogant
ideas of himself, thinking that he holds
Creation in his feet and all is there for him
to kill and eat, and that he does not need
arguments to assert his right and he is
going to keep things like this for ever.…read more

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