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Group 7 redox reactions

Physical properties

The halogens have the following physical properties:
They have low melting and boiling points
They exist as diatomic molecules

As you descend the group, the number of electrons increases, leading to
an increase in van der Waals forces between molecules, which lead to the…

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Redox reactions of the halogen

Redox reactions can show that the halogens are less able to form halide
ions as you descend the group.

This trend can be shown by reacting aqueous solutions of halide ions with
aqueous solutions of halogens.

Each halogen is mixed with aqueous solutions of the…

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Chlorine is only slightly soluble in water and has a mild bleaching action.

Household bleach is formed when dilute aqueous NaOH and Cl2 react
together at room temperature.

This is also a Disproportionation reaction in which chlorine has been both
reduced and oxidised.


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