Great Depression

It is a keyword match up activity.

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Key Words: What were the effects of the Great Depression?
Match up the key words on the left hand side with the correct definition ­
draw a line to show the match.
Between 1930 & 36 the
Unemployment South and Midwest suffered
serious drought and turned
to dust. Over 20 million
hectares were affected.
Evicted Farmers who moved from
Oklahoma to California.
Someone who moves from
Hobos one area in a country to
another area in the same
These were groups of men
Hoovervilles who travelled from place to
place on railway fright
wagons looking for work.
A queue of poor people
The Dust Bowl waiting to be given food by a
Told to leave your home for
Okies not being able to pay your
rent or mortgage.
Arkies Charities set up these to
provide hot meals for the
This was a shanty town of
Migrant shacks and tents which
group up in large towns.
This rose to 14 million ­
Breadline men & women who lost their
jobs rarely found regular
Soup Kitchen Farmers who moved from
Arkansas to California.


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