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Current-Voltage Characteristics

This sheet looks at the current-voltage (I-V) curves for a fixed resistor, a filament
bulb and a semiconductor diode.

Useful formulae
If you know the current through and voltage across an electrical component
write down the formula used to find:
a) the component's resistance and
b) the power…

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2. The filament bulb

1. Is this component ohmic? Explain your answer
2. Describe the characteristic
3. What is happening to the resistance of the filament as the pd applied
increases? How does this affect the current flowing?
4. Find the resistance when the pd is
a. 2 V

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3. The semiconductor diode

1. Sketch the I-V characteristic for a semiconductor diode. Indicate any
approximate voltages.

2. Describe the characteristic shown by the graph

3. What is meant by forward bias?

4. What is meant by reverse bias?

5. How does the resistance of the diode vary with an…

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