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The as fun as such as subject can be
guide!…read more

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There are lots of different types of nouns:
· Proper nouns
· Common / Collective nouns
· Count nouns
· Non-count nouns
· Abstract nouns
· Pro-nouns…read more

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Proper Nouns
This is a name for people, places, organisations
They normally begin with a capital letter
because that is what all names should do.
Examples are:
· Sarah
· November
· Christian
· Winchester…read more

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Common / Collective nouns
This is lexieme that refers to a group.
They are in a singular form but we think of them
a plural.
The team would be referred to as they instead of
Examples are:
· Crowd
· Flock of sheep
· Team…read more

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Count nouns
These are nouns that allow for plural.
They can be any type of noun.
In their singular form they are seen with the
indefinite article (a/an)
Examples are:
· A book = The books
· A player = The players
· An animal = The animals
· A desk = The desks…read more

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Non-Count Nouns
These are lexiemes that don't allow plural.
· Milk = Milks
· Earth = Earths
· Music= Musics
They can only be used with the definite article.
· A milk = The milk
· A earth = The earth
· A music = The music…read more

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