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Learning objectives
What is the purpose of voting? How do we vote
in general elections?
· What are election campaigns?
· What is Parliament? How does it work?
· How does the government spend its money?
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Why and how do we vote?
Voting is a way of reaching a decision about something.
There are many different methods of voting...
·Phone poll
·Postal vote
·Secret ballot
·Text vote
·Show of hands…read more

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A suitable method of voting?…read more

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How do we choose the
In Britain we have a democratic
system of government.
This means that we elect people
to represent our views and make
decisions on our behalf about
how the country should be run.
Do you think this seems like a good
way for a country to make decisions?
Are there any other ways that
countries can make decisions?…read more

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How do elections work?…read more

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