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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies


Hydrological cycle: A hydrological cycle shows how water is taken around an area.

Rural-urban comparisons: The concrete and tarmac in urban areas prevent water from soaking
In which encourages overland flow. In a rural area, the soil lets water penetrate the surface.

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

Middle course:
Narrow floodplain Small meanders

Moderate gradient

Lower course:
More winding meanders
Wide floodplain
Gentle gradient
Leves, ox-bow lakes

Case study: Bangladesh (LEDC)


Melting snow in the Himalayas which added water to the rivers flowing through
More than half of Bangladesh…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

130 million cattle were killed.
Two-thirds of the country became flooded.
23.5 people lost their homes and became homeless.
Farmers' crops were destroyed and so they were affected.
More than 1000 schools were damaged.
11 000 km of roads were destroyed.
Water supplies were…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

Case study: Flooding in the Netherlands (MEDC)

Natural Causes:

Heavy rainfall caused the River Rhine to overflow.
Snow melted early and quickly in the Alps.
The ground wasn't able to take in anymore water so further rain was transferred to
rivers as overland flow.…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

4 people died.
Some roads became un-usable.
Many protective dykes were made of sand and clay which became affected due to the
high levels of water over a long period of time. They became more likely to collapse so
more work had to b…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

Case Study: Comparison of Africa with the UK


Burkina Faso in Central Africa ­ dry landlocked savanna environment. Main areas affected
are Ouagadougou and Po.

United Kingdom.

Access to amenities:

Less than 50% of people in Burkina have access to healthcare compared to…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

The unreliable rain in Burkina Faso threatens agricultural production. This causes
problems for families who grow their own crops to eat because they can't either afford
or gain access to food.

Other information:

The urban population in Burkina Faso is 18% and in the…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

Badly built buildings in the LEDCs will cause them to collapse more so more will be left
The government in MEDCs will have more money to spend on food and shelter for
those affected and they will fix the city faster.

How to…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

Case Study: Volcano

Name: Mount St Helens

Where: Rocky Mountain fold mountain range in North America, Washington

When: 18th May 1980

Why: The volcano was on top of a convergent plate boundary.

How: The Juan de Fuca plate, which is the oceanic crust, moved…

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Arwa Eljreiby
GY11 Geography case studies

15. The cost of the damage and destruction was estimated at $1.1 billion.
16. Tourism was initially affected so the amount of tourists and visitors decreased.

Case Study: Earthquake

Name: San Francisco Earthquake 1989

Where: Epicentre was near Santa Cruz, approximately 70 miles south…


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